All-in-one Card Solution

  • All-in-one Card Solution

    The all-in-one card solution management system uses the database as the core, the IC card as the medium, computer application and communication technology as support, achieving integrated management and decentralized control of car parking, access control and other systems via unified medium, database, network and software management platform, aiming to safety, speediness and efficiency. The whole system includes the parking system, access control system, pedestrian gate equipment, barrier gate, etc. The system is powerful in function, fast in operation, uses all-in-one card solution management software as the platform, uses IC card certificate method, and uses snapshot and manual checking for safety management. It uses both exit payment and central charging method, the solution of multiple management methods such as monthly users, hourly users and VIP users, achieving the all-in-one card solution control and management of access system of parking management system and access control system, etc.


    System Features

    ◆ Use a software platform and a card to achieve the management. The operation cost is reasonable, saving management costs and enhancing efficiency and economic benefits.

    ◆ Use perfect management measures to prevent capital outflow to the greatest extent.

    ◆ Lay emphasis on a comprehensive, integrated, optimized, preferred, people-oriented system, which is easy to learn and use to implement modern management.

    ◆ From the consumer's view, strive to achieve efficient service, transparent and accurate charging.

    ◆ From the manager’s view, strive for easy operation and maintenance, high automation degree and significant reduction of manager`s labor intensity.

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