Card Retriever Solution

  • Card Retriever Solution

    Pedestrian gates with the retrievers can swallow the valid cards when visitors exit it. If the cards can’t be verified, it will be retrieved after the defined time. At the same time, the fixed users can swipe the valid cards to exit the pedestrian gates. In the visiting management solution, the visitor doesn’t need to deposit the ID card to exchange a valid card which will be collected in exiting direction.


    1.       The visitors do not need to exchange the valid cards or paper barcodes with their ID cards.

    2.       It can prevent the visitors to take valid cards or paper barcodes away.

    3.       The original structure of pedestrian gates can be kept and the performance will be stable.

    4.       The storage capacity of retriever is more than 250pcs IC cards, and Paper barcode could be evaluated too 

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