Parking Management System

Auto Pay Station

JSST auto pay station is integrated with the car parking management system

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1.  Multiple charging media: IC card, ID card, paper ticket and others.

2.  Flexible bank note and coin combination mode for accepting and changing.

3.  Multimedia player can play needed advertisement when the machine is under idle mode.

4.  IC/ID card user extension and password changing.

5.  Cash boxes are designed with a password key device.

6.  Update service for counterfeit money recognition.

7.  Manual toll changing function. User can get change in central charge when auto pay station does not have enough change, supporting overtime charge function.

8.  Alarm prompt function.

9.  Through online real-time monitoring, the system can keep track of payment status, such as the door status, power supply status and cash box status.

10. UPS has been installed which can supply power to all the  equipment to complete the final transaction.  

11. Spainish operation interface for choice.