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JIESHUN won the bid—Chaka Salt Lake Project


"Chaka" means "salt lake" in Tibetan. Situated in Chaka Town, Ulan County, the Chaka Salt Lake (Caka Salt Lake) is in the western part of the Chaka Basin, 298 kilometers (85 miles) away from Xining City, the capital of Qinghai Province, China. Chaka Salt Lake is one of the 55 places that people must visit in their life ranked by the Chinese National Geography, and is known as the "Mirror of the Sky" of China.


As one of the most important service agencies in Chaka Salt Lake Tourist Attraction, Chaka Salt Lake Tourist Center is responsible for general management, access control, etc. It is shown that the number of tourists has exceed 2 million in Chaka Salt Lake Tourist Attraction in 2018, hence upgrading it to a smart tourist attraction has become a thing needs to be done quickly.


Aiming to give a one-stop smart tourist attraction solution for Chaka Salt Lake Tourist Attraction, JIESHUN has supplied a series of subsystems to make the " smart”happen, covering the aspects from smart tourist attraction platform, ticket selling/ticket checking and access control—all-for-one tourism big data analysis subsystem, ticketing system, inventory management subsystem, membership subsystem, one card pass subsystem, attendance management subsystem, video monitoring subsystem, channel management subsystem, parking guidance system, etc.


In this project, JIESHUN has finally won the bid worth 2.9 million U.S. dollars. The solution supplied has satisfied the comprehensive management needs, as well as established the smart image of tourist attraction.