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Dahua and Kingdee started strategic cooperations with Jieshun


Recently Jieshun has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ”Dahua”).Both companies have completed in-depth communications on how to strengthen strategic cooperation and continuously promote the research and achievements of smart parking business. Subsequently Jieshun and Kingdee Software (China) Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as ”Kingdee”) have signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Kingdee Software Park, Shenzhen. Both companies reached an agreement on how to strengthen strategic cooperation and continuously promote the interconnection of smart property business.

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Dahua and Kingdee started cooperations with Jieshun

Dahua's fourth-generation AI products which are applied in its strategic ecosystem can effectively improve the technical capabilities of various industry solutions and make the solutions more perfect. Meanwhile Jieshun has a deep understanding of market segmentation and delivered 8-industry solutions, integrating smart hardware, platform and value-added apps. Besides, Jieshun has obtained a third-party payment license with a financial clearing/reconciliation capability, completing the role changing from “center on the products”to “center on the platform”.

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Sign the contract with Dahua

Kingdee has supplied its digital services and cloud services for 6,800,000+ companies till now. “WojiaCloud” has integrated Kingdee's powerful cloud ecosystem with full open interfaces and China's state-of-the-art operation and service platform. Under the agreement, “WojiaCloud” and Jieshun can have the complementary cooperation to create a complete internet business ecosystem chain for property industry. Every participant in the chain will achieve the win-win goal. Jieshun and Kingdee have the same industry service idea of focusing on the industry itself. In the property industry, Jieshun has a strong off-line advantage basing on smart terminals—smart parking products, smart pedestrian products and payment service. All smart terminals can let the data interconnection be activated with the help of Jieshun's unified cloud-based platform. Moreover, “WojiaCloud” has an intact top-level design and cloud–based platform for property industry which can let both sides’ cooperation be complementary. 

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Sign the contract with Kingdee

About Jieshun

Established in 1992, Shenzhen Jieshun Science and Technology Industry Co., Ltd (namely ”JIESHUN”, 002609.SZ) is the world's leading one-stop supplier of smart parking solutions. Jieshun offers complete and customized Entrance & Exit Control solution, including parking management system (PMS), parking guidance system (PGS), barrier gates, pedestrian gates, access control, as well as a unified cloud-based platform for centralized monitoring and management.

Nowadays, JIESHUN's products have been used in 100,000+ parking lots globally and the smart parking solution have been widely applied in government departments and agencies, general communities and commercial complexes, including Beijing National Stadium (“Bird's Nest”), Singapore Changi Airport, HSBC Hong Kong, MGM Macau, Djibouti International Free Trade Zone, Nairobi Wilson Airport, etc.

About Dahua

Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co.,Ltd. (Dahua Technology) is a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider. Based on technological innovations, Dahua Technology (002236.SZ) offers end-to-end security solutions, systems, and services to create values for city operations, corporate management, and consumers.

With more than 16,000 employees and over 50% engaged in R&D, Dahua solutions, products, and services are applied in over 180 countries and regions. Since the launch of the industry’s first self-developed 8-channel embedded DVR in 2002, Dahua Technology has devoted itself to technological innovation and been continually increasing its investment in R&D, putting around 10% of its annual sales revenue into R&D. The company continues to explore emerging opportunities based on video IoT technologies and has already established business in machine vision, video conferencing systems, professional drones, electronic license plates, RFID, and robotics etc.

About Kingdee

Kingdee International Software Group Company Limited was established in 1993, and is listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (stock code: 0268.HK). Kingdee has over 8,000 employees and three software industrial parks across China,in Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing. Kingdee has provided corporate management software and cloud services for more than 6.8 million enterprises and government organisations, and is committed to changing the way hundreds of millions of people work.

Kingdee has seen rapid growth while helping its customers succeed. Kingdee shifted its focus to the cloud business in 2012, and secured a strategic investment from JD.com in 2015. It became an enterprise partner of Amazon AWS Cloud in China in 2017, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei in 2018. Kingdee has become the first choice of enterprises in the new era of the digital economy, serving over 80 million users to date. More than half of the top 100 Chinese enterprises rated by Fortune prefer working with Kingdee. Over 2,000 partners have selected Kingdee as their platform of choice for win-win development. Kingdee has held the largest share of the domestic enterprise SaaS cloud service market for two consecutive years, overtaking its foreign counterparts, according to research firm IDC. Kingdee has also been the leader in the Chinese growth enterprise market by market share for 14 straight years.