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City Parking & 8-industry solutions launched


In "2019 Shenzhen International Smart Parking Equipment and Technology Expo", City Parking & 8-industry solutions have been launched by JIESHUN. From front-end algorithms to smart hardware products, from platform solutions to full scenario applications that all could be done by JIESHUN—as one and only one company that supplied on-street and off-street parking lot management in this expo. Besides, the company has showcased latest smart hardware, smart IoT management platform and smart city parking for giving the functions—space booking, vehicle tracking, QR code change, face-to-face payment, scan to go, facial recognition, unmanned operation and big data control, better serving the clients from end uses, enterprises and government departments and agencies.


City Parking

City Parking is a city-level smart parking solution that let the data from B terminal and C terminal merged into the city-as-a-platform management, achieving the on-street/off-street parking lot management. ill now the solution has been applied in many cities of China which are Foshan (Guangdong Prov.), Lijiang (Yunan prov.), Yangzhou (Jiangsu Prov.), Huaian (Jiangsu Prov.), Linqi (Shandong Prov.), Changde (Hunan Prov.), Guangze (Fujian Prov.), Panjin (Liaoning Prov.),etc. In 2018, JIESHUN has been appointed Huawei’s only partner of City Pakring by assigning ”City-level Smart Parking Solution White Paper”     


8-Industry Solutions

In addition to City Parking, the company has given 8-industry solutions—Smart Industrial Park, Smart Tourist Attraction, Smart Campus, Smart Community, Smart Building, Traffic System, Smart Government and Smart Business. With the "smart hardware + platform + scenario operation" combination, JIESHUN has not only solved the technical problems in practical applications, but also brought obvious benefits to the partners in terms of operation, management, cost control and win-win.   


Up to now 8,000+ internet parking lots have been connected, 100+ management platforms have been supplied, 600+ SaaS parking lots have been served, 500+ API have been given and 10+ City Parking haven been applied which all by JIESHUN.