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Social Responsibility

1.In April 14th,2010, when the 7.1 grade earthquake happened at Yushu, Qinghai Province, which is in the catastrophe of mountain massif landslide, road destruction,transportation and communication disruption, house collapse, students been buried, we JIESHUN people with the mission of "Win-win, Sharing, Co-burden and Seek Excellence", after the generous donation to anterior earthquake survival of Wenchuan region in May 12th,2008, sublimating this kind of devotion to the Yushu survival. Considering Yushu's altitude of 4,000m with long term humid weather, the company had donated foam pad, which accounts for 500,000RMB, to the survivals very fast and meet thousands of refugees needs.


2. To support the public security work, the company had contributed 100,000RMB to the Shenzhen City Police Foundation in July 2008.


3.In May 12th,2008, the Wenchuan and Beichuan, both located at Sichuan province, had hit by 8-grade earthquake, the whole nation was united to help compatriot survival. All our staff had donated 101,713RMB in 3 days. The General Manager Tangjian had donated 100,000RMB in his own name and 10,000RMB as a staff of JIESHUN, as well as the Financial Director Liucuiying. Authorized by the Board, the company donated 1,000,000RMB. All donation accounts to 1,301,713RMB . And some staff donated directly to the survivals by the Red Cross and other charitable institution in terms of money or blood.