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JIESHUN's parking solution applied in “The World’s Biggest underground parking lot”

Aug 17,2019

Located in the South Fifth Ring Road, Beijing, China, LIVAT Centre Beijing is the largest and most prosperous urban complex in Southern Beijing. It has a daily average passenger flow of nearly 100,000 and a peak traffic volume of 35,000 at weekends. LIVAT Centre Beijing has a total of 7,118 parking spaces in the 3-layer underground parking lot.


LIVAT Centre Beijing

Such a huge flow has made LIVAT Centre Beijing become a leisure landmark in Beijing, and it also has brought unprecedented parking pressure. Although it is the "largest underground parking lot", in the annual customer survey, it showed that it can not solve a series of problems such as finding a car and an unoccupied parking space. Especially on the weekend, the parking space cannot be effectively used. Due to the free parking and the not perfect guidance system, many "overnight cars" and "zombie cars" bring great inconvenience to normal parking.


LIVAT Centre Beijing Outside


LIVAT Centre Beijing Inside

In order to completely solve these problems, LIVAT Centre Beijing carried out a comprehensive upgrade for the parking lot. At present LIVAT Centre Beijing’s 16-in and 16-out lane and 7,118 parking spaces have all adopted Jieshun’s Smart Parking solution.

Efficient Access: Creating an Unattended Closed Loop

The 32 lanes of LIVAT Centre Beijing are all equipped with Jieshun’s C-series unattended parking management dispenser-- more than 99.8% of LPR rate, with special events handling such as unlicensed car entry, one-button call management center, etc., that reduce the cost of hiring a sentry guard and minimize the passing time. In terms of payment methods, Jieshun fully supports on-line payment, such as WeChat, Alipay and other online payment to achieve “ License Plate Scan to Go”, “QR Code Payment”, “Face-to-Face Payment”, and puts 24 units of automated payment machines in the shopping center--if running out the cellphone battery, the parkers can also choose to pay by the cash.

4 C-series Parking Dispenser.jpg

C-series Parking Dispenser

5 Automated Payment Machine supplied by JIESHUN.jpg

Automated Payment Machine supplied by JIESHUN

Parking guidance: no longer to trap into the parking “maze”

Because of more than 7,000 parking spaces in the 3-layer of the shopping center, “find unoccupied parking space” and “looking for your car” were once big problems. Jieshun configured 3,599 HD video detection terminals for the shopping center. They can quickly detect the occupied space situation by the video stream. The red and green lights are displayed in real time, and the real-time parking space information is showcasing the available stalls to guide the parkers to find the unoccupied parking spaces quickly. There are too many people in the shopping center and the terminals can also be regarded as the real-time monitoring camera to track back the accident disputes such as vehicle scratches and space occupancy. It is easy to find your vehicle--you can use the vehicle-searching terminal to directly located the car position.

6 Parking Guidance System (PGS) supplied by JIESHUN.jpg

Parking Guidance System (PGS) supplied by JIESHUN

Customized development: efficient management is the key point

In addition to optimizing the experience of the car owner, how to make the management of the parking lot more efficient and convenient? In response to the special needs of LIVAT Centre Beijing, Jieshun’s customized developments (from product functions, platform docking, financial analysis to other aspects ) fully meet the smart management needs of LIVAT Centre Beijing. In terms of recognition, Jieshun added a taxi recognition algorithm to LIVAT Centre Beijing to let the taxi can freely get in and out at any time; in the parking guidance system, according to the special requirements of "family parking space", customized blue lights are available to be used to make a distinction. At the same time, Jieshun Smart Parking Management System is connected with the membership system of LIVAT Centre Beijing to realize the membership discount, coupons issuing, and exclusive parking discounts and rights.

7 Customized Blue Lights.jpg

Customized Blue Lights

About LIVAT Centre Beijing

LIVAT Centre Beijing is belonging to IKEA Group, which is now renamed to Ingka Group. The three businesses in Ingka Group are IKEA Retail, which operates 367 IKEA stores that each year receive 800 million visitors, with two billion visits to; Ingka Investments, whose main mission is to protect the financial independence of the group in the long term by investing in strategic businesses outside the pure retail; and Ingka Centres, owning 44 shopping centres in China, Europe, and Russia and welcoming 480 million visitors each year.

About Jieshun

As a smart parking leader in the industry for 27 years, JIESHUN’s smart parking business has covered more than 180 cities across China and more than 100,000 parking lots worldwide. Till now, JIESHUN has completed 100+ commercial complexes such as Beijing Fortune Center, Vanke Times Square, Wanda Plaza, Intime City, 9 Square Shopping Center, COFCO Plaza, etc.