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UNIO Parking System

UNIO is a unique project of its kind within Zona 14, creating personalized spaces so that you can live, grow and enjoy sharing with your loved ones, being closer to what is important to you. UNIO preserves its influence on industrial architecture through its steel structure, which is visible in the beams and columns elegantly suggested on the ceilings and walls, preserving the charm of zone 14, through the ideal combination in the design of open and aesthetic spaces. Uniting apartments, offices and commercial area with restaurant, cafe and more at the same point.

Facts and Figures

  • Customer

    Edificio UNIO

  • Project Name

    UNIO Parking System

  • Project Add

    5 Avenida 12 calle, Cdad. de Guatemala

  • Installation Date


  • JIESHUN Products

    Parking Management System (C-series, 1 Entrance & 1 Exit)

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